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Writer/director Bret Wood talks about The Unwanted, the struggles of working in the indie world, his work with Kino Lorber, and gets assaulted by an attack cat!

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Director Dustin Jacobs and actor Gerrit Hamilton come on to talk about recent projects, The Interview scandal, Atlanta versus Los Angeles, and stories from years ago!

Elizabeth Alcaraz from acting school The Actor's Scene talks about the various classes students take, why schools like TAS are important for the area, and how she suddenly found herself working for the arts studio!

Mike Malloy talks his documentary Eurocrime! The Italian Cop and Gangster Films That Ruled the '70s, the official Django sequel Django Lives!, and many other things that include exclamation marks!

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Bubba Carr (Fame, So You Think You Can Dance, Footloose) comes on the show to discuss his career, challenges faced by dancers as they get older, and why he thinks everyone has the potential to dance!

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Kristy Breneman and Christina Humphrey, film programmers from the Atlanta Film Festival, talk about the submission process, how difficult it is to select the best films, and give tips to filmmakers how to improve their chances in getting into festivals!

Producer Linda Burns discusses the PA Academy, what the Atlanta film community gets right and wrong, and talking smack to John Elway!

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Brandon and Errol from Supremacy Films come on to talk about their first feature film Curveball, problems they encountered shooting baseball sequences, unfair expectations audiences have of black filmmakers, and much more!

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Mike Brune (Blood Car, Congratulations!, Van Wilder: Freshman Year) comes on the show to talk about his time in Chicago, taking Congratulations! on the festival circuit, and Fake Wood Wallpaper's new film The Arbalest!

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Scares That Care rep Corinne Barrios come on the show to talk about the charity, writing for Dead, Buried, and Back, working with local productions, and tons more!

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The New York City based creators behind The Quantified Self tell us why they're shooting in Atlanta plus talk about science, the writing process, and much more!

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Won Chung talks about working in the AD department, how directors and producers can make a happier work environment, and why food is so important to a fun shoot!

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The filmmakers behind local zombie film Test Group stop by to talk about the origins of the project, cheesy movies, and the amazing talent from around the area they've found!

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Rebecca Shrager, President & CEO of the People Store Talent Agency, tells all the actors out there how they can increase their chances of getting noticed and talks about her experiences over the years!

Brothers Young Productions and director Jan Mullins talk about the upcoming dance movie "Untapped," the importance of marketing and the business side of filmmaking, and why we need more unique voices to tell stories!

Three of the minds behind Archangel: From the Winter's End Chronicles come on the podcast to discuss making the show, how they came to be featured on Heroes of Cosplay, and even drop some exclusives on us!

Joel Musch talks about his Star Wars fan film Ruins and Reckoning showing at Dragoncon, the epic tale behind the notorious The Legend of Zelda: Hero of Time feature, and why he thinks filmmakers should just "go for it" when they want to make something!

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Joanna Davidovich (Ugly Americans) and Nate Foster come on to talk about their peppy and fun short film "Monkey Rag" showing at Dragoncon, how hard it was to make, andwhat they think about the state of animation today!

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Ricky Hess, creator of the hit webseries "Horror Hotel," talks to us about the origins of the series, pitching it to Hulu and other companies, and what to expect at his appearance at Dragoncon!

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Writer/Director/Producer/Editor/Etc. Darrell Hazelrig talks about working with New Puppet Order, his film premiering at Dragoncon, and his day job shooting industrials!

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Anthony McHie & John Prew, whose webseries Inevitable is showing at Dragoncon, stop by to talk about filming the series, their anime inspirations, and why women make amazing action stars!

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John & Jessica of Muse of Fire Films stop by to talk about their new projects, what it's like in their "day jobs" as camera operator and script supervisor/Atlanta Film Festival employee respectively, and why Back to the Future is possibly the best movie of all time!

Editor Michael Goldberg (Fast & Furious 7, Rectify, Single Ladies) comes by the podcast to talk about the post-production world, including what filmmakers should discuss with their editing team before they ever shoot a single frame!

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Actress and model Lacey Patten talks about her latest roles as well as how she got started in acting, found an agent, and why she loves Sailor Moon so much!

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Scott Knollin from stops by to talk about the entertainment blog's scholarship fund (check it out at as well as his experiences playing background characters in Van Wilder: Freshmen Year, Walking Dead, and Teen Wolf!

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Nick Hiltgen stops by to talk about Sessions, a filmmaker-improvement-bootcamp type program in Atlanta, plus why he thinks workshopping is so important for every project!

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Location Manager Tony Holley walks through the steps needed to secure a location plus gives tips for those participating in the 48 Hour Film Project.

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Have you signed up for the 48 Hour Film Project or simply wondering what it's all about? City Producers Paula Martinez and Gabe Wardell stop by to discuss the 48 and what kind of madness you can expect this year, including a record 92 teams and filmmakers using drone technology!

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Y'allywood Executive Director Mike Morgan stops by to talk about running a new festival, why highlighting Southeastern filmmakers is important, and shooting a documentary in Kenya!

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Ninja Puppet Productions' Raymond Carr stops by to talk about working on LazyTown and Walking with Dinosaurs as well as what kind of environment he thinks is best suited for making more creative films and shows.

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Former Artistic Director of the Atlanta Film Festival Charles Judson stops by to discuss his thoughts on the Atlanta film community and the direction he thinks it should be moving in.

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Keith Brooks from Walking Dead, Magic the Gathering the Musical, and the Internet smash Deadpool: A Typical Tuesday stops by to talk about growing up in Canton, starting his career, and getting punched repeatedly by Andrew Lincoln!

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