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Location Manager Tony Holley walks through the steps needed to secure a location plus gives tips for those participating in the 48 Hour Film Project.

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Have you signed up for the 48 Hour Film Project or simply wondering what it's all about? City Producers Paula Martinez and Gabe Wardell stop by to discuss the 48 and what kind of madness you can expect this year, including a record 92 teams and filmmakers using drone technology!

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Y'allywood Executive Director Mike Morgan stops by to talk about running a new festival, why highlighting Southeastern filmmakers is important, and shooting a documentary in Kenya!

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Ninja Puppet Productions' Raymond Carr stops by to talk about working on LazyTown and Walking with Dinosaurs as well as what kind of environment he thinks is best suited for making more creative films and shows.

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Former Artistic Director of the Atlanta Film Festival Charles Judson stops by to discuss his thoughts on the Atlanta film community and the direction he thinks it should be moving in.

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