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Roman Weaver, CEO of Mad Roman Media & Live Eye 360, talks about marketing and branding himself, Star Wars, Godzilla, camera equipment, and much more!

Learn all about the world of costuming and wardrobe in the second edition of our spin-off The Roundtable featuring Lauren Driskill (Hunger Games, Goosebumps) and Dana Konick (Roanoke: Search for the Lost Colony, The Candy Shop)!

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Stephanie Fraser, Travis Jones, and Clara Marina from comedy sketch troupe Church Socks stopped by to talk about sketch comedy, going to New York Sketch Fest, why simply getting out there and making videos is the best way to go, and much more!

Brad Zimmerman (Archer, Squidbillies) and Bob Pettitt (Aqua Teen Hunger Force) discuss animation, comedy, watching the rise of Atlanta film over the years, and much more!

Mark Ashworth (High Cotton, The Magnificent Seven, Cell) came on to talk about his career, new bands he's into, working at Old Trafford for his beloved Manchester United, and much more!

Writer & director Brian Work talks about his romantic comedy Uncommon Law premiering this Saturday, old school Japanese RPGs, iZombie, writing plays, and much more!

Our series following a first-time feature filmmaker rolls on! Molly talks with screenwriter Charles Thomas & producer/accountant about writing the first act, a recent location scouting trip, pitch meetings, and much more.

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Introducing a brand new series in the Atlanta Film Chat family! Guests April Billingsley, Keith Brooks, & Sherrie Peterson along with guest host Pamela Deritis from Call Time Atlanta discuss what it takes to be an actor in Atlanta and why they feel the trade is so important.

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Michael H. Harper talks about his films Attack of the Morningside Monster & 3 Minute Activists: The Soul of Slam, his decision to stay in Atlanta to be a screenwriter, how he got into producing, and much more!

Some of the minds behind feature film "blackhats" talk about why they wanted to make a "non-indie indie," how technology will affect future indie films, and their week of shows at the Aurora Theater in Roswell starting Friday October 23rd!

Kelly O'Neal from The Gilda Sue Rosenstern Computer Internet Show talks about the origins of the Youtube show, the feature film version coming up, all the horrible "talking breasts" roles women are offered in the industry, and much more!

Screenwriter Michael Lucker (Vampire in Brooklyn, Mulan 2, 101 Dalmations 2) talks about working in the studio system, moving back to Atlanta, his upcoming screenwriting classes, and much more!

Daniel Espeut from Espeute Productions tells us about making his clown documentary Greasepaint, how he ended up making docs in the first place, how his wedding DJ business compares to clowning, and much more!

Elizabeth Davidovich (Hunger Games, The Walking Dead, Fast & Furious 7) tells us all about working in stunts, the difference between acting as  a stunt performer versus being a daredevil, what future stunt performers should focus on if they want to break in, and much more!

Introducing a brand new series in the Atlanta Film Chat family! AFC co-host Molly Coffee, owner of Zombie Cat Productions, is gearing up to make her first feature film and you're along for the ride. Join her through each stage of making the movie through concept, script, shooting, editing, and beyond. In each episode of the podcast she will pitch her current progress to other female filmmakers in the area so they can judge her progress and give notes to help her make the best film possible!

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Extras casting director Jeffrey Karantza goes into detail about how to get cast as a background actor, on-set etiquette, why you should never, ever bring your own weapons to set, and much more!

Producer and actress Jessica Leigh Smith came on to talk about her film The Sunday Lady, the faith based film market, the struggles women face in the film industry, and much more!

Actor Ron Ogden (Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies, Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell, Good Grief Suicide Hotline) talks about his upcoming Lovecraftian film, quitting a lucrative job to pursue acting, the beauty of the Internet, and much more!

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TJ Garland (Nerd Love, Furious Seven) talks about his film Batman: Retribution playing at the Dragoncon Film Festival, why he loves Batman so much, and much more!

Actor Jayson Warner Smith (Rectify, Mena, The Birth of a Nation) talks about the million projects he's got coming out soon, audition tips for actors, working with Tom Cruise, and a bunch more!

Dean Treadway from Movie Geeks United and the Filmicability blog came on the show to talk about the film business, interviewing big stars, how the Save the Cat screenwriting book is ruining films, and much more!

Indie Film Loop Film Conference & Creative Showcase Managing Director Deontae Trundle tells us all about this weekend's event and why networking at conferences like this is so important for every filmmaker!

Gwinnett Center International Film Festival Program Director Kevin Powers previews this year's festival, tells us why indie films rule, why he loves creating and running film festivals, and much more!

Jeff Marker from the University of North Georgia tells us what great strides educators and schools in the state are taking to train the next generation of filmmakers! Plus, Molly gives lots of advice on how to pick projects and talks about working on The Carbonaro Effect Season 2 and Donald Glover's new show Atlanta!

Benjamin Ruder and Lucas Godfrey from Splatter Cinema tell Chuck and special guest host Jordan Blair Brown about their showing of Cannibal Ferox on August 15th, how you can make it happen with contributions, the history of the horror event, and much more!

Actress Hannah Fierman (V/H/S, The Unwanted, Good Grief Suicide Hotline) came on the show to talk about her career, roles she loves to play, getting recognized in public, and much more!

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Ken Horstmann and Jody Thompson from local indie film High Cotton came on to talk about making the movie, their distribution ideas, previous work, the exploding Atlanta scene, and a ton more!

Filmmakers from Atlanta film Carter's Lens tell us the funny way they all met, what the film is all about, and drop some amazing exclusives about casting on us!

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William Tokarsky (the Too Many Cooks killer) discusses making the short, the food at Adult Swim, upcoming projects, and Too Many Cooks the Musical!

Edward Reid & RC Sayyah from Grand Prince of Moscow discuss the upcoming TV show, how they got started in their careers, and how they've managed to get so much attention around town and online!

Amber Nash (Archer, Frisky Dingo) discusses her time as a voice actor, performing improv at Dad's Garage, why she loves living in Atlanta, and much more!

Three of the minds behind hit TV pilot Dream Writers came on to talk about writing the show, their successful Kickstarter campaign, gaining accolades from the American Movie Awards, and much more!

Zach Lamplugh chats about his comedy showcase event Ladie's Night, why workshopping short films is important to filmmakers, editing an episode of Adult Swim's Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell, and much more!

Elizabeth Strickler from Georgia State University's Digital Arts Entertainment Lab discusses the state of film education in the state and what great programs the Georgia Film Academy has coming in the future!

Allyssa Lewis talks about animating on F/X show Archer, what animators need to do to better brand themselves, and how her startup company My Animation Life helps the community!

Director Jared Callahan came on to talk about his documentary Janey Makes a Play, the struggles of getting your career going, finding distribution for indie projects, and his many upcoming projects!

We've officially done 50 episodes of these! We brought on ASIFA Atlanta reps Fatimah Abdullah and Jennifer Chandler came on to talk about the struggles animators face, Miyazaki films, why groups like ASIFA are so important, and much more!

Brian Lonano and Victoria Cook from insane short film Crow Hand came on to talk about the inspiration behind the film, meeting Elijah Wood, playing at SXSW, and meeting their short film idols!

Atlanta Screenwriters Group President Martin Kelley chats about the origins of the group, why a screenwriting community is so important for local films, and his upcoming project Blackhats!

Atlanta Film Festival Operations & Marketing Director Christopher Holland closes out our festival coverage! He talks about this year's festival, all the behind the scenes stuff it takes to pull off such a big event, and discusses his book Film Festival Secrets that helps filmmakers get into festivals!

Jen West and James Martin come on the podcast to talk about their short film Little Cabbage in part 6 of our Atlanta Film Festival coverage. They talk about inspiration behind the film, crazy Owen Wilson obsessed homeowners, and what we can expect next from the team!

Atlanta Film Chat's Atlanta Film Festival coverage continues with Jef Bredemeier's documentary Dante's Down the Hatch! He talks about the challenges of making his first film, his time working at Dante's, and how his life as a painter influences his filmmaking.

Part 4 of our Atlanta Film Festival coverage! Ammar Nassri talks about his animated short Garbanzos, how his Syrian roots influences his work, and gives us a sneak preview of his upcoming project!

Part 3 of our 2015 Atlanta Film Festival coverage features the filmmakers behind Satanic Panic 2: Battle of the Bands! They discuss the origins of the project, how they dealt with actors moving across the country during filming, and what we can expect in Satanic Panic 3 (and beyond!).

Our Atlanta Film Festival coverage continues as we talk to Sam Carter from Good Grief Suicide Hotline! He discusses the long journey to make the film, working on big budget movies like Selma, and why more money doesn't equal a better set.

Our Atlanta Film Festival coverage begins with the animators and illustrators behind animated short Starlight. They talk their time at SCAD, inspiration behind the short, and how much work goes into even the shortest of films!

Filmmakers behind indie film Atlanta Vampire Movie discuss the inspiration behind the movie, the many struggles faced to complete it, and why Atlanta should remember its indie roots!

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Kathy Berardi discusses teaching screenwriting courses, the struggles women face in the filmmaking world, and her start-up Red Clip Video that helps businesses make better videos!

Tom Cappello from Crazy Legs Productions (Swamp Murders, Your Worst Nightmare) discusses why reality programming isn't as bad as everyone thinks, the importance of story, and why the company mainly uses local talent!

Writer/director Ryan Lipscomb talks about his unique trajectory in his career, talking to Spike Lee, his film Bruise, and upcoming projects!

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Matt Clanton from Act Tactical for Film comes on the show to talk about teaching actors to use weapons, gun safety on sets, and what movies and TV do right and wrong when it comes to police scenes!

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Brad Pilcher, Assistant Director of the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival, chats about the 2015 festival, what kind of films we can expect, and shares crazy stories from previous festivals!

Jiyoung Lee and her creative partner Dave Bonawits talk about their latest film Female Pervert, getting accepted to the Slamdance and the Atlanta Film Festivals, and getting random emails from the Weinsteins!

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Forbes Top 1000 Entrepreneurs Under 30's Tara Ansley talks film finance, social entrepreneurship, and being involved with the Sundance Institute!

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