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Daniel Espeut from Espeute Productions tells us about making his clown documentary Greasepaint, how he ended up making docs in the first place, how his wedding DJ business compares to clowning, and much more!

Elizabeth Davidovich (Hunger Games, The Walking Dead, Fast & Furious 7) tells us all about working in stunts, the difference between acting as  a stunt performer versus being a daredevil, what future stunt performers should focus on if they want to break in, and much more!

Introducing a brand new series in the Atlanta Film Chat family! AFC co-host Molly Coffee, owner of Zombie Cat Productions, is gearing up to make her first feature film and you're along for the ride. Join her through each stage of making the movie through concept, script, shooting, editing, and beyond. In each episode of the podcast she will pitch her current progress to other female filmmakers in the area so they can judge her progress and give notes to help her make the best film possible!

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Extras casting director Jeffrey Karantza goes into detail about how to get cast as a background actor, on-set etiquette, why you should never, ever bring your own weapons to set, and much more!

Producer and actress Jessica Leigh Smith came on to talk about her film The Sunday Lady, the faith based film market, the struggles women face in the film industry, and much more!