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Chuck tells you how to make your scripts more "offensive" in part 4 of our special series on screenwriting!

Mehka King & Danny Digitall talk about their documentary The Color Green: Cash, Color and Cannabis, the politics of weed, and travelling the country to get the stories for the film!

Raymond Carr tells us about puppeteering Dunk on PBS Kids' Splash and Bubbles, becoming an official Henson character, and other recent films he's made!

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Entertainment lawyer Nancy Prager discusses the importance of copyright, why protecting your ideas and work should happen sooner rather than later, and her own struggles with getting projects made!

Angela Edmond and James Brooke from global production and distribution company All3Media tell us what they're looking for as far as Atlanta content goes!

Jon Graham and Debra Matassino tell us all about the Roku distribution channel Peachflicks and the upcoming Cutting Room Film Festival!

Gary Weeks (Jurassic World, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Greenleaf) discusses his career, the insane filming schedules at Tyler Perry Studios, and life in his tiny childhood town of Morris, Georgia!

Blair Bathory and Drew Sawyer from web series Fear Haus talk about the upcoming season and some exciting prospects for the future of the show!

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Carrie Burns from Atlanta Movie Tours tells us all about the company where you can see locations all around Atlanta where your favorite films and shows were made!

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Chuck gives tips for screenwriters who have trouble dealing with feedback in episode 3 of our special series Chattin' with Chuck!