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Agency 850 CEO Chris DeBlasio discusses how he uses branding to fund films and why it could work for your projects as well!

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Director of the DeKalb Entertainment Commission Shelbia Jackson discusses why you should make your film in DeKalb County and the great programs they have for filmmakers!

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Filmmakers from feature film Reckoning discuss making the film in advance of their screening at the 2019 Atlanta Film Festival!

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Dustin Jacobs discusses his series Driv and More Than a Game, why eSports are like baseball, upcoming projects, and more!

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Filmmakers from thriller feature film By Night’s End discuss dealing with rain, surprising issues with a single location shoot, finding your conquering factor, and more!

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Paul Jenkins from META Studios discusses working for Marvel, moving to Georgia, why creators shouldn’t restrict themselves to one medium, and much more!

Patrick Ladonis discusses getting discovered at the DMV, keeping creativity alive while in corporate America, and the filming of his web series Scales!

Get tips on being efficient with your screenwriting in episode 18 of Chattin’ with Chuck!

Anthony R. Page from Blue Bistro Creative discusses creating unique and diverse content for film, TV, and the theater, working as an actor around the country, and his origins growing up in a small town!

Hudson Phillips discusses his latest film This World Alone, finding early success in his career, the state of the Atlanta screenwriting scene, and more!

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Filmmakers from experimental film Torn Together discuss the duality of humans, why horror lets you get get away with controversial subjects, expectations in film, and more!

Filmmakers behind the comedy series Julian Assange’s Embassy Suite discuss distribution models, our fast-paced and crazy political times, creating the series, and more!

Director Tony Reames and actors Evan Reames and Haley Nicole Leary discuss their film Playtime’s Over, using creativity to deal with rough situations, and more!

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Katherine Blanford and Hope Leigh discuss making their film My Lethal Weapon, telling authentic stories, challenges women face in filmmaking and in life, and much more!

Van Jensen tells us all about his past life as a crime reporter, how writing comic books helped with his screenwriting, why more public domain works is a good thing, and his work with!

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