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Learn all about the process of acquiring music for your films with music licensing lawyer Lachelle Pulliam!

Martin Kelley and Eddie Singleton discuss their new film Beauty and the Beholder in advance of the film’s run at the Aurora Cineplex and release on VOD!

Cast and crew from feature film Smoke stop by to talk about overcoming adversity to make the film in advance of their Atlanta premiere on October 20th!

Georgia Governor Libertarian Nominee Ted Metz discusses his vision for the Georgia film industry should he win in November!

Gabrielle Pickle and Russell Bradford from the Vote GA Film initiative discuss why every filmmaker needs to be registered to vote in the November election!

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Benjamin Wiessner, producer of Beast Beast, tells us about making the film, how Alec Baldwin signed in as co-producer, turning a short into a feature, and more!

Writers & actors Michael Rowe and Matt Wells are joined by sales agent Stanislav Shkilnyi to discuss their gritty indie drama Crown & Anchor, the dark side of Newfoundland, and how touring with a film is like touring with a band!

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Cast and crew from web series and film The Adjuncts discuss the project, distribution deal with THEA, and more in advance of the premiere at Cinefest on Saturday 15th!

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It’s episode 200! Keith Brooks returns to catch us up on his life, his projects, and discuss stuff like the Mortal Kombat movie soundtrack and the James Gunn/Disney controversy!

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Fray and Catherine from Coki Productions discuss their film Pop-Pop is Dead, shooting in small towns, and utilizing resources you have to make your own films!

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The creators and filmmakers behind the Midnight Movie Showcase showing on September 1st tell us about the Showcase and the films in it!

Georgia Governor Democratic Nominee Stacey Abrams discusses her vision for the Georgia film industry should she win in November!

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Jonothon Mitchell and Hart Morse from Pageant Material discuss making the film, drag culture, how Jonothon managed to snag high-profile celebs for the film, and more!

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Actress Mia Mendez discusses her previous life as a radio DJ in Philadelphia, why she chose Atlanta over L.A., and her starring role in the Amazon Prime film Boston2Philly (Boston to Philly)!

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Paige Jarvis tells us about becoming a grip, her love of Star Wars, career aspirations, and the importance of finding your tribe!

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New media content creator Micah Moore discusses his years making Youtube content, moving to Atlanta, and his new project Legend of Micah!

Locations expert Kalena Boller discusses her career in the locations department, the challenges locations scouts and managers face in Atlanta, and why she started her Atlanta film podcast The Credits!

Filmmakers from wrestling film The Mark discuss the film, their unique Seed & Spark campaign perks, what kayfabe is, and much more!

Headkrack discusses the origins of Dish Nation, his hip-hop career, astral projection, his love of horror movies, as well as some TV projects he has in the works!

Writer and director Vashmere Valentine discusses being a script reader and creative consultant out in LA, his move to Atlanta, and his film The Wish and The Wisp which is in over 30 festivals!

Valerie and Jared from Prominence Films tell us about their feature Of Fortune and Gold on Amazon, filming in Africa, and why they moved the business from L.A. to Atlanta!

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Director Jason Winn discusses the making of his films Let's Make It, Rave Party Massacre, and Shifting Gears which comes out in theaters and VOD in March 23rd!

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Stunt performer Nick DeKay talks about his life as a Muay Thai kickboxer, racing bikes in Costa Rica, and pulling off crazy stunts in TV and films like Black Panther, St. Agatha, & Game Night!

Molly Coffee returns to the show to discuss her huge 2017 including working on shows like Stan Against Evil and Brockmire plus shooting her short film Cracks!

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AZ Yeaman from Bridge 17 Scripywriters' Studio chats about the various screenwriting classes you can take at Bridge 17 and what she loves about the screenwriting process!

Ian Covell, Michael Sokol, and Frances Chang from Highwire Comedy Company talk about improv, working with Funny or Die, and try to figure out what the heck pickleball is!

Director Darren Lynn Bousman (Saw 2-4, Repo! The Genetic Opera, Mother's Day) talks about his career, a creepy old man living in his attic as a kid, and the Georgia filmed St. Agatha!

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Erin Elizabeth Burns along with special guest Jordan Blair Brown tell us about Erin's new online acting class "I Don't Give a F#@K About My Acting Career!"

Seth Michaels and Sara Sometti Michaels, producers of mysterious horror film St. Agatha, discuss the origins of the story and tell us why they produced the film in Georgia!

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Erin Bethea and Drew Waters tell us about their new film New Life and all the upcoming films they have planned to film in Georgia!

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Producer Tara Ansley and 1st AD Gene M. Smith discuss the making of indie horror hit Tragedy Girls!

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Jon Graham and Joshua Sims tell us about their true life film Kind Katie and the process of crowdinvesting and how it differs from crowdfunding!

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The owners of Cinestage Atlanta discuss what their studio offers and the film projects they have in the pipeline!

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John Schneider (The Dukes of Hazzard, Smallville, The Haves and the Have Nots) tells us all about writing and directing his new film 4: GO!

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Phillip Aguilera and Dylan Chandler from indie film Oh For Tuna tell us about shooting the $2,000 feature film including reshooting half the film after the main actor quit!

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Jenna Kanell (The Bye Bye Man, Bumblebees) discusses her career, her love of Nikola Tesla, giving a TED Talk, and her new film Max and the Monster!

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Director Chance White brings along stars of his latest films "Gut Punch" and "Dandelion," Hannah Fierman and Erin Ownbey, to discuss making the films and his feature film aspirations!

The guys from Frat Pack Productions tell us all about the company, plans on content creation, working with charities, and more!

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Cineprov's Larry Johnson tells us about the upcoming showing and riffing of Zardoz as well as writing for the new season of Mystery Science Theater 3000!

The Jana VanDyke Agency have opened a screenwriting department and are looking for scripts. Find out what they're looking for and how to submit your own work!

Comedian, improv performer and teacher, and podcaster Joel Byars tells us why every actor should consider trying stand-up and improv!

Ryan Monolopolus and cast and crew from his three latest short films talk about the Global Film Conspiracy screenings coming June 24th!

LaRonda Sutton and Suzan Satterfield tell us about the 2017 Women in Production Summit, unconscious bias, sexual harassment on set, and more!

Patricia Taylor and Lisa Ferrell from the Georgia Production Partnership tell us about the history of the organization as well as its future, plus why every filmmaker should consider joining!

Richard Hempton brings some of his acting students on to tell us all about being professional in auditions, releasing tension, and The Alexander Technique!

David Warren and Nigel Rowe from Sumptuous Media tell us about filming food and other subjects for table top productions, their filmmaking origin stories, and doing stop motion films!

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Charles Judson returns to discuss what's gone right and wrong in the Atlanta film industry in the three years since he was on in Episode 2!

The new Atlanta Producer for the 48 Hour Film Project, Deontae Trundle, stops by to tell us what the future of the event holds!

Wes Walker, Ben Dover, and Eliza Divine from Crap Films discuss their various projects, retro films, comic book superhero ideas, and much more!

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Brian Lonano (Crow Hand!!!, Gwilliam) and his cast and crew for his new film BFF Girls tell us all about the new crazy short!

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Twitch streamer and editor Ashley Carlson tells us all about the format and service, the female streamer collective Girlstreamers, as well as why she loves editing so much!

Tomika Weston from The Read ATL discusses the monthly table read series featuring screenwriters and actors from all over the city as well as her own screenwriting career!

The cast and crew from local horror indie Those Who Deserve to Die stop by to tell us about making the film and their own personal projects!

Director Antonio Garcia (Vue de moi, The Doorway) discusses going to Georgia State University, attending the Cannes Film Festival thrice, and why he plans on staying in Atlanta when he graduates!

Michael H. Harper & Chris Ethridge from Haven's End discuss making the film, Michael attending the Women's March in D.C., plus making a Stephen King "Dollar Babies" short!

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Nick Morgan (Atlanta, Stan Against Evil, Dear God No!) tells us about working in the art department, his oddities sideshow S.H.I.T., and why he thinks Ringling Bros. closing is terrible!

Catherine Dyer (Stranger Things, co-founder of Drama Inc.) tells us about her career, writing a cookbook, and how she moved to Atlanta right before the industry explosion!

Here are the picks for our favorite moments from 2016! What were your favorite episodes from the past year?

Mehka King & Danny Digitall talk about their documentary The Color Green: Cash, Color and Cannabis, the politics of weed, and travelling the country to get the stories for the film!

Raymond Carr tells us about puppeteering Dunk on PBS Kids' Splash and Bubbles, becoming an official Henson character, and other recent films he's made!

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Entertainment lawyer Nancy Prager discusses the importance of copyright, why protecting your ideas and work should happen sooner rather than later, and her own struggles with getting projects made!

Angela Edmond and James Brooke from global production and distribution company All3Media tell us what they're looking for as far as Atlanta content goes!

Jon Graham and Debra Matassino tell us all about the Roku distribution channel Peachflicks and the upcoming Cutting Room Film Festival!

Gary Weeks (Jurassic World, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Greenleaf) discusses his career, the insane filming schedules at Tyler Perry Studios, and life in his tiny childhood town of Morris, Georgia!

Blair Bathory and Drew Sawyer from web series Fear Haus talk about the upcoming season and some exciting prospects for the future of the show!

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Carrie Burns from Atlanta Movie Tours tells us all about the company where you can see locations all around Atlanta where your favorite films and shows were made!

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Laura Wheale talks about working with Clint Eastwood on Sully and Ang Lee on Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk, her other life as a lawyer, and how her break came about so quickly!

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Blue and Scott Salamon from upcoming horror film Beacon Point tell us about filming in a cave, why they love horror and sci-fi, why they figured out distribution before filming, and their upcoming Atlanta premiere!

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The filmmakers behind the web series Dice Lords discuss the Youtube show, the inspiration behind the project, Star Wars, Magic the Gathering, and more nerdy fun stuff!

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Writer & director Devyne Johnson talks about making her feature film Mosaic, working on FX's Atlanta with our own Molly Coffee, and making the jump to make her own films!

Director Jon Watts brings on the subject of his documentary "Matthew's Gift," photographer Oana Hogrefe, to discuss the film, the charity Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, dealing with death, and much more!

Takashi Doscher tells us all about his film Moon Shine Still, selling a documentary to ESPN at a young age, and his hopes and dreams for the Atlanta film scene!

Rob Albertson from Rare Air Studios discusses his work, why he's a member of the Georgia Production Partnership and you should too, and upcoming outside threats every Georgia filmmakers should worry about!

Sam Carter, Darrell Hazelrig, and Beau Brown from New Puppet Order discuss the origins of the group, how they work together, the challenges of puppetry, and upcoming projects!

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Reps from Savannah College of Art & Design's SCADFILM tell us all about the program and all the great resources and classes available for students and local filmmakers alike!

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Justin Randell Brooke, Joshua Hoover, and Nick Pupo from Halt and Catch Fire discuss working on the show, personal projects they've been working on, how they all met, and tell us a little about the upcoming season!

We traveled to Newnan to talk with Sid Yost & Tracy Oliver at the Welcome Lake Movie Ranch to discuss their work with actor animals and why they moved to Atlanta!

Actor & musician Raj Kala tells us about the stereotypical roles he gets called up for, how he came to record and tour extensively with Outkast, and his day job as a vascular lab tech!

Georgia Film Academy's Dan Kelly talks about the aims of the academy, how they've been implementing their systems in schools statewide, and tells us about his own career aspirations!

VFX artist Brendon Murphy discusses techniques used on shows like Heroes Reborn & The Walking Dead, why basically every single TV show has special effects, and his passion project The Red Cape!

Actor Keith Brooks returns to the show for the 100th edition of the podcast! He discusses his latest projects, punching cancer in the face, and we settle the Ghostbusters controversy once and for all!

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Actor Robert Walker-Branchaud discusses working on projects like American Horror Story, The Walking Dead, and the upcoming Deepwater Horizon,  his company Frat Pack Productions, and a bunch of great ideas for local film businesses!

The team behind the film Bloodloss talks about the film, its very successful crowdfunding campaign, 80's vampire films, and surprising sales numbers filmmakers can expect from services like Netflix!

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Ken and Heather Feinberg from Creative Studios of Atlanta discuss their filmmaking workshop trip in Italy, why they love working with kids, how Ken knows Nathan Fillion, and shooting a film with the one and only Eric Roberts!

Ryan Monolopolus and Michael Kam from new TV series 64/8 came on to tell us about the idea behind the show, working in background, and their big premiere at the Plaza Theatre on May 5th!

Filmmaker Adam Pinney (The Arbalest, Blood Car, Too Many Cooks) discusses making his film The Arbalest, winning the SXSW Grand Jury prize, future projects, and Molly gushes about Blood Car and its influence on her career!

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Eric and Travis from Out of the Pan Catering talk about catering for projects like The Birth of a Nation and Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell, what "Combat Catering" is, working with special diets, and much more!

Director and animator Marcus Rosentrater (Limo Ride, Archer) came on to talk about the art of collaboration, selling niche films, his underground cinema showcase Contraband Cinema, and much more!

Actor Hakim Callender (Ballers, Powers, Alvin and the Chipmunk: The Road Chip) talks about moving around the country, getting his start on Reading Rainbow, his role as career counselor at Get Scene Studios, and more!

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Jesse Malinowski & Candace VandiZandi from Get Scene Studios chat about starting the studio, why so many actors in Florida are making the trip up north, why networking is vital to every filmmaker's career, and much more!

Actor and acting coach Dan Bridges talks about his startup Nail That Role, philosophy of acting, avoiding scams that fleece actors, and much more!

Actor Brian Troxell talks about his voiceover work, performing sketch comedy with Sketchworks, getting a later start in life with his acting career, how he was picked to be the voice of the 2016 Georgia Entertainment Gala, and much more!

Emma Loggins from talks about starting up her website, how she blew up covering the The OC, alien movies, and much more!

Vine star Aaron Chewning came on to talk about working within the format, getting recognized in public, how he plans to transfer his success to the future, and much more!

Roman Weaver, CEO of Mad Roman Media & Live Eye 360, talks about marketing and branding himself, Star Wars, Godzilla, camera equipment, and much more!

Stephanie Fraser, Travis Jones, and Clara Marina from comedy sketch troupe Church Socks stopped by to talk about sketch comedy, going to New York Sketch Fest, why simply getting out there and making videos is the best way to go, and much more!

Brad Zimmerman (Archer, Squidbillies) and Bob Pettitt (Aqua Teen Hunger Force) discuss animation, comedy, watching the rise of Atlanta film over the years, and much more!

Mark Ashworth (High Cotton, The Magnificent Seven, Cell) came on to talk about his career, new bands he's into, working at Old Trafford for his beloved Manchester United, and much more!

Writer & director Brian Work talks about his romantic comedy Uncommon Law premiering this Saturday, old school Japanese RPGs, iZombie, writing plays, and much more!

Michael H. Harper talks about his films Attack of the Morningside Monster & 3 Minute Activists: The Soul of Slam, his decision to stay in Atlanta to be a screenwriter, how he got into producing, and much more!