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Molly talks with Casting Director Jordan Blair Brown about casting Kaylee, Age 8, as well as the temporary setbacks that have delayed the filming of the movie!

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Molly is joined by writer, director, and Make Films Like a Girl founder Lynne Hansen to catch everyone up on the progress of Kaylee Age 8 in advance of the first day of production!

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We've heard and talked a lot about autism on the show, but now it's time to really dive deep and see what autism specialists Paran and Allen Davis have to say! Do they like the script, or should Molly go back to the drawing board?

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The script for Kaylee Age 8 is complete! Animator Marisa Ginger Tontaveetong and Editor Drew Sawyer talk with Molly about the script and her upcoming promo shoot for a lookbook which will be a huge first test for Molly's quest to make the film.

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The second act is complete! Molly explores the story so far with filmmaker Jen West and Georgia State University's Laura Jones. Plus, director Dustin Jacobs wants Molly to change direction and make a totally different film. Will he succeed?

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Our series following a first-time feature filmmaker rolls on! Molly talks with screenwriter Charles Thomas & producer/accountant about writing the first act, a recent location scouting trip, pitch meetings, and much more.

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Introducing a brand new series in the Atlanta Film Chat family! AFC co-host Molly Coffee, owner of Zombie Cat Productions, is gearing up to make her first feature film and you're along for the ride. Join her through each stage of making the movie through concept, script, shooting, editing, and beyond. In each episode of the podcast she will pitch her current progress to other female filmmakers in the area so they can judge her progress and give notes to help her make the best film possible!

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