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Max Martini (Pacific Rim, Fifty Shades of Grey, The Purge) discusses his new film Sgt. Will Gardner in advance of the upcoming screening at the Rome International Film Festival!

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George Zuber discusses his film Where Justice Ends which plays at the Out on Film Festival October 1st at 3:30 PM at the Landmark Midtown Art Cinema!

Writer & director Liz Manashil discusses the making of her film Speed of Life that played at the 2019 Atlanta Film Festival!

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Filmmakers from feature film Reckoning discuss making the film in advance of their screening at the 2019 Atlanta Film Festival!

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Learn all about the Rome International Film Festival with Executive Creative Director Seth Ingram and Associate Director Melissa Simpson!

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Cameron Munson, Festival Director for the Atlanta Underground Film Festival, discusses this year’s fest, the nature of film festivals, why he loves horror so much, and more!

A recording of the podcasting panel at the Atlanta Film Festival Creative Conference featuring us and the creators of podcasts like Tribulation, Atlanta Monster, and The Credits!

Filmmakers from Atlanta Film Festival selection Are You Glad I’m Here discuss shooting the film in Lebanon and their future filmmaking plans!

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Our Atlanta Film Festival coverage continues as we talk with writer/director Katie Orr about her film Poor Jane!

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ScreenCraft Writers Summit Executive Director Emily Dell discusses the Atlanta Film Festival edition of the Summit and various screenwriter issues!

Atlanta Film Festival Creative Conference Director Linda Burns discusses everything we can expect at this year's Conference as well as her life as a pirate!

Torey Haas, Tony Reames, and Jay Holloway from Dead By Midnight (11 PM Central) tell us about making the horror anthology and their screening at the 2018 Atlanta Film Festival!

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Terrell Sandefur tells us all about the 2017 Rome International Film Festival including fun stories about special guest Burt Reynolds!

Out on Film Festival Director Jim Farmer previews the 2017 fest and discusses why the LGBT centered festival is so important to the community!

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Oscar nominated editors Joi McMillon & Nat Sanders discuss working on Oscar winning film Moonlight and their time at Florida State University!

Tamlin Hall talks about his film Holden On including the incredible help he received from the townspeople of LaGrange, Georgia, and the importance of mental illness awareness!

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James Kicklighter (Digital Edition) discusses starting his career at Georgia Southern University, traveling to India, and directing videos for the Hillary Clinton campaign!

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Brantly Jackson Watts and Kristina Adler from Birthday Cake discuss making the film, domestic abuse, and the Atlanta Film Festival screening!

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Charlie Fisk and Carrie Schrader, directors of the documentary The Founders, discuss the challenges of getting their subjects to open up, learning about golf, documentary writing, and their screening at the Atlanta Film Festival on April 4th!

Gwinnett Center International Film Festival Program Director Kevin Powers previews this year's festival, tells us why indie films rule, why he loves creating and running film festivals, and much more!

Atlanta Film Festival Operations & Marketing Director Christopher Holland closes out our festival coverage! He talks about this year's festival, all the behind the scenes stuff it takes to pull off such a big event, and discusses his book Film Festival Secrets that helps filmmakers get into festivals!

Jen West and James Martin come on the podcast to talk about their short film Little Cabbage in part 6 of our Atlanta Film Festival coverage. They talk about inspiration behind the film, crazy Owen Wilson obsessed homeowners, and what we can expect next from the team!

Atlanta Film Chat's Atlanta Film Festival coverage continues with Jef Bredemeier's documentary Dante's Down the Hatch! He talks about the challenges of making his first film, his time working at Dante's, and how his life as a painter influences his filmmaking.

Part 4 of our Atlanta Film Festival coverage! Ammar Nassri talks about his animated short Garbanzos, how his Syrian roots influences his work, and gives us a sneak preview of his upcoming project!

Part 3 of our 2015 Atlanta Film Festival coverage features the filmmakers behind Satanic Panic 2: Battle of the Bands! They discuss the origins of the project, how they dealt with actors moving across the country during filming, and what we can expect in Satanic Panic 3 (and beyond!).

Our Atlanta Film Festival coverage continues as we talk to Sam Carter from Good Grief Suicide Hotline! He discusses the long journey to make the film, working on big budget movies like Selma, and why more money doesn't equal a better set.

Our Atlanta Film Festival coverage begins with the animators and illustrators behind animated short Starlight. They talk their time at SCAD, inspiration behind the short, and how much work goes into even the shortest of films!

Brad Pilcher, Assistant Director of the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival, chats about the 2015 festival, what kind of films we can expect, and shares crazy stories from previous festivals!

Kristy Breneman and Christina Humphrey, film programmers from the Atlanta Film Festival, talk about the submission process, how difficult it is to select the best films, and give tips to filmmakers how to improve their chances in getting into festivals!

Location Manager Tony Holley walks through the steps needed to secure a location plus gives tips for those participating in the 48 Hour Film Project.

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Have you signed up for the 48 Hour Film Project or simply wondering what it's all about? City Producers Paula Martinez and Gabe Wardell stop by to discuss the 48 and what kind of madness you can expect this year, including a record 92 teams and filmmakers using drone technology!

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Y'allywood Executive Director Mike Morgan stops by to talk about running a new festival, why highlighting Southeastern filmmakers is important, and shooting a documentary in Kenya!

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