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Stephanie Fraser, Travis Jones, and Clara Marina from comedy sketch troupe Church Socks stopped by to talk about sketch comedy, going to New York Sketch Fest, why simply getting out there and making videos is the best way to go, and much more!

Brad Zimmerman (Archer, Squidbillies) and Bob Pettitt (Aqua Teen Hunger Force) discuss animation, comedy, watching the rise of Atlanta film over the years, and much more!

Mark Ashworth (High Cotton, The Magnificent Seven, Cell) came on to talk about his career, new bands he's into, working at Old Trafford for his beloved Manchester United, and much more!

Writer & director Brian Work talks about his romantic comedy Uncommon Law premiering this Saturday, old school Japanese RPGs, iZombie, writing plays, and much more!

Our series following a first-time feature filmmaker rolls on! Molly talks with screenwriter Charles Thomas & producer/accountant about writing the first act, a recent location scouting trip, pitch meetings, and much more.

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Introducing a brand new series in the Atlanta Film Chat family! Guests April Billingsley, Keith Brooks, & Sherrie Peterson along with guest host Pamela Deritis from Call Time Atlanta discuss what it takes to be an actor in Atlanta and why they feel the trade is so important.

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Michael H. Harper talks about his films Attack of the Morningside Monster & 3 Minute Activists: The Soul of Slam, his decision to stay in Atlanta to be a screenwriter, how he got into producing, and much more!

Some of the minds behind feature film "blackhats" talk about why they wanted to make a "non-indie indie," how technology will affect future indie films, and their week of shows at the Aurora Theater in Roswell starting Friday October 23rd!

Kelly O'Neal from The Gilda Sue Rosenstern Computer Internet Show talks about the origins of the Youtube show, the feature film version coming up, all the horrible "talking breasts" roles women are offered in the industry, and much more!

Screenwriter Michael Lucker (Vampire in Brooklyn, Mulan 2, 101 Dalmations 2) talks about working in the studio system, moving back to Atlanta, his upcoming screenwriting classes, and much more!