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Extras casting director Jeffrey Karantza goes into detail about how to get cast as a background actor, on-set etiquette, why you should never, ever bring your own weapons to set, and much more!

Producer and actress Jessica Leigh Smith came on to talk about her film The Sunday Lady, the faith based film market, the struggles women face in the film industry, and much more!

Actor Ron Ogden (Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies, Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell, Good Grief Suicide Hotline) talks about his upcoming Lovecraftian film, quitting a lucrative job to pursue acting, the beauty of the Internet, and much more!

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TJ Garland (Nerd Love, Furious Seven) talks about his film Batman: Retribution playing at the Dragoncon Film Festival, why he loves Batman so much, and much more!

Actor Jayson Warner Smith (Rectify, Mena, The Birth of a Nation) talks about the million projects he's got coming out soon, audition tips for actors, working with Tom Cruise, and a bunch more!

Dean Treadway from Movie Geeks United and the Filmicability blog came on the show to talk about the film business, interviewing big stars, how the Save the Cat screenwriting book is ruining films, and much more!

Indie Film Loop Film Conference & Creative Showcase Managing Director Deontae Trundle tells us all about this weekend's event and why networking at conferences like this is so important for every filmmaker!

Gwinnett Center International Film Festival Program Director Kevin Powers previews this year's festival, tells us why indie films rule, why he loves creating and running film festivals, and much more!

Jeff Marker from the University of North Georgia tells us what great strides educators and schools in the state are taking to train the next generation of filmmakers! Plus, Molly gives lots of advice on how to pick projects and talks about working on The Carbonaro Effect Season 2 and Donald Glover's new show Atlanta!

Benjamin Ruder and Lucas Godfrey from Splatter Cinema tell Chuck and special guest host Jordan Blair Brown about their showing of Cannibal Ferox on August 15th, how you can make it happen with contributions, the history of the horror event, and much more!