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Director Jared Callahan came on to talk about his documentary Janey Makes a Play, the struggles of getting your career going, finding distribution for indie projects, and his many upcoming projects!

We've officially done 50 episodes of these! We brought on ASIFA Atlanta reps Fatimah Abdullah and Jennifer Chandler came on to talk about the struggles animators face, Miyazaki films, why groups like ASIFA are so important, and much more!

Brian Lonano and Victoria Cook from insane short film Crow Hand came on to talk about the inspiration behind the film, meeting Elijah Wood, playing at SXSW, and meeting their short film idols!

Atlanta Screenwriters Group President Martin Kelley chats about the origins of the group, why a screenwriting community is so important for local films, and his upcoming project Blackhats!

Atlanta Film Festival Operations & Marketing Director Christopher Holland closes out our festival coverage! He talks about this year's festival, all the behind the scenes stuff it takes to pull off such a big event, and discusses his book Film Festival Secrets that helps filmmakers get into festivals!

Jen West and James Martin come on the podcast to talk about their short film Little Cabbage in part 6 of our Atlanta Film Festival coverage. They talk about inspiration behind the film, crazy Owen Wilson obsessed homeowners, and what we can expect next from the team!

Atlanta Film Chat's Atlanta Film Festival coverage continues with Jef Bredemeier's documentary Dante's Down the Hatch! He talks about the challenges of making his first film, his time working at Dante's, and how his life as a painter influences his filmmaking.

Part 4 of our Atlanta Film Festival coverage! Ammar Nassri talks about his animated short Garbanzos, how his Syrian roots influences his work, and gives us a sneak preview of his upcoming project!

Part 3 of our 2015 Atlanta Film Festival coverage features the filmmakers behind Satanic Panic 2: Battle of the Bands! They discuss the origins of the project, how they dealt with actors moving across the country during filming, and what we can expect in Satanic Panic 3 (and beyond!).

Our Atlanta Film Festival coverage continues as we talk to Sam Carter from Good Grief Suicide Hotline! He discusses the long journey to make the film, working on big budget movies like Selma, and why more money doesn't equal a better set.