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Brandon and Errol from Supremacy Films come on to talk about their first feature film Curveball, problems they encountered shooting baseball sequences, unfair expectations audiences have of black filmmakers, and much more!

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Mike Brune (Blood Car, Congratulations!, Van Wilder: Freshman Year) comes on the show to talk about his time in Chicago, taking Congratulations! on the festival circuit, and Fake Wood Wallpaper's new film The Arbalest!

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Scares That Care rep Corinne Barrios come on the show to talk about the charity, writing for Dead, Buried, and Back, working with local productions, and tons more!

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The New York City based creators behind The Quantified Self tell us why they're shooting in Atlanta plus talk about science, the writing process, and much more!

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Won Chung talks about working in the AD department, how directors and producers can make a happier work environment, and why food is so important to a fun shoot!

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