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Roman Weaver, CEO of Mad Roman Media & Live Eye 360, talks about marketing and branding himself, Star Wars, Godzilla, camera equipment, and much more!

Learn all about the world of costuming and wardrobe in the second edition of our spin-off The Roundtable featuring Lauren Driskill (Hunger Games, Goosebumps) and Dana Konick (Roanoke: Search for the Lost Colony, The Candy Shop)!

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Stephanie Fraser, Travis Jones, and Clara Marina from comedy sketch troupe Church Socks stopped by to talk about sketch comedy, going to New York Sketch Fest, why simply getting out there and making videos is the best way to go, and much more!

Brad Zimmerman (Archer, Squidbillies) and Bob Pettitt (Aqua Teen Hunger Force) discuss animation, comedy, watching the rise of Atlanta film over the years, and much more!