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Chuck tells you how to make your scripts more "offensive" in part 4 of our special series on screenwriting!

Mehka King & Danny Digitall talk about their documentary The Color Green: Cash, Color and Cannabis, the politics of weed, and travelling the country to get the stories for the film!

Raymond Carr tells us about puppeteering Dunk on PBS Kids' Splash and Bubbles, becoming an official Henson character, and other recent films he's made!

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Entertainment lawyer Nancy Prager discusses the importance of copyright, why protecting your ideas and work should happen sooner rather than later, and her own struggles with getting projects made!

Angela Edmond and James Brooke from global production and distribution company All3Media tell us what they're looking for as far as Atlanta content goes!

Jon Graham and Debra Matassino tell us all about the Roku distribution channel Peachflicks and the upcoming Cutting Room Film Festival!

Gary Weeks (Jurassic World, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Greenleaf) discusses his career, the insane filming schedules at Tyler Perry Studios, and life in his tiny childhood town of Morris, Georgia!

Blair Bathory and Drew Sawyer from web series Fear Haus talk about the upcoming season and some exciting prospects for the future of the show!

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Carrie Burns from Atlanta Movie Tours tells us all about the company where you can see locations all around Atlanta where your favorite films and shows were made!

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Chuck gives tips for screenwriters who have trouble dealing with feedback in episode 3 of our special series Chattin' with Chuck!

Laura Wheale talks about working with Clint Eastwood on Sully and Ang Lee on Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk, her other life as a lawyer, and how her break came about so quickly!

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Blue and Scott Salamon from upcoming horror film Beacon Point tell us about filming in a cave, why they love horror and sci-fi, why they figured out distribution before filming, and their upcoming Atlanta premiere!

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The filmmakers behind the web series Dice Lords discuss the Youtube show, the inspiration behind the project, Star Wars, Magic the Gathering, and more nerdy fun stuff!

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Writer & director Devyne Johnson talks about making her feature film Mosaic, working on FX's Atlanta with our own Molly Coffee, and making the jump to make her own films!

Director Jon Watts brings on the subject of his documentary "Matthew's Gift," photographer Oana Hogrefe, to discuss the film, the charity Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, dealing with death, and much more!

Takashi Doscher tells us all about his film Moon Shine Still, selling a documentary to ESPN at a young age, and his hopes and dreams for the Atlanta film scene!

Rob Albertson from Rare Air Studios discusses his work, why he's a member of the Georgia Production Partnership and you should too, and upcoming outside threats every Georgia filmmakers should worry about!

Sam Carter, Darrell Hazelrig, and Beau Brown from New Puppet Order discuss the origins of the group, how they work together, the challenges of puppetry, and upcoming projects!

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Reps from Savannah College of Art & Design's SCADFILM tell us all about the program and all the great resources and classes available for students and local filmmakers alike!

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Justin Randell Brooke, Joshua Hoover, and Nick Pupo from Halt and Catch Fire discuss working on the show, personal projects they've been working on, how they all met, and tell us a little about the upcoming season!

Our live interviews with filmmakers and local film businesses at the 2nd Annual Indie Film Loop Conference & Showcase!

Having trouble with the writing of your second act? Check out this episode of Chattin' with Chuck as he discusses how to beat the second act slog!

We traveled to Newnan to talk with Sid Yost & Tracy Oliver at the Welcome Lake Movie Ranch to discuss their work with actor animals and why they moved to Atlanta!

Introducing the newest spinoff for Atlanta Film Chat, Chattin' with Chuck: Tips from a Mostly Failed Screenwriter! In the kickoff episode, Chuck discusses the process of outlining.

Actor & musician Raj Kala tells us about the stereotypical roles he gets called up for, how he came to record and tour extensively with Outkast, and his day job as a vascular lab tech!

Georgia Film Academy's Dan Kelly talks about the aims of the academy, how they've been implementing their systems in schools statewide, and tells us about his own career aspirations!

VFX artist Brendon Murphy discusses techniques used on shows like Heroes Reborn & The Walking Dead, why basically every single TV show has special effects, and his passion project The Red Cape!

Interviews from our appearance at Indie Film Loop's SFX, VFX, Makeup, and Costumes Showcase at Prima Injera, guest hosted by actress and friend of the show Jordan Blair Brown!

Actor Keith Brooks returns to the show for the 100th edition of the podcast! He discusses his latest projects, punching cancer in the face, and we settle the Ghostbusters controversy once and for all!

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Actor Robert Walker-Branchaud discusses working on projects like American Horror Story, The Walking Dead, and the upcoming Deepwater Horizon,  his company Frat Pack Productions, and a bunch of great ideas for local film businesses!

The team behind the film Bloodloss talks about the film, its very successful crowdfunding campaign, 80's vampire films, and surprising sales numbers filmmakers can expect from services like Netflix!

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Linda Burns hosts a special edition of our spinoff series The Roundtable featuring the founders of the Atlanta Film Festival and the IMAGE Film & Video Center!

Ken and Heather Feinberg from Creative Studios of Atlanta discuss their filmmaking workshop trip in Italy, why they love working with kids, how Ken knows Nathan Fillion, and shooting a film with the one and only Eric Roberts!

We've heard and talked a lot about autism on the show, but now it's time to really dive deep and see what autism specialists Paran and Allen Davis have to say! Do they like the script, or should Molly go back to the drawing board?

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Ryan Monolopolus and Michael Kam from new TV series 64/8 came on to tell us about the idea behind the show, working in background, and their big premiere at the Plaza Theatre on May 5th!

We were invited out to the Sundance Institute Film Forward series' stop at Wonderroot to talk to Swati Shetty and Prashant Nair from Umrika and Mimi Valdés from Dope about their films, showing at Sundance, and future plans!

The script for Kaylee Age 8 is complete! Animator Marisa Ginger Tontaveetong and Editor Drew Sawyer talk with Molly about the script and her upcoming promo shoot for a lookbook which will be a huge first test for Molly's quest to make the film.

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Charlie Fisk and Carrie Schrader, directors of the documentary The Founders, discuss the challenges of getting their subjects to open up, learning about golf, documentary writing, and their screening at the Atlanta Film Festival on April 4th!

Filmmaker Adam Pinney (The Arbalest, Blood Car, Too Many Cooks) discusses making his film The Arbalest, winning the SXSW Grand Jury prize, future projects, and Molly gushes about Blood Car and its influence on her career!

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Eric and Travis from Out of the Pan Catering talk about catering for projects like The Birth of a Nation and Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell, what "Combat Catering" is, working with special diets, and much more!

Interviews from our appearance at Indie Film Loop's networking event! Hear from actors, composers, screenwriters, and more, including our own co-host Molly Coffee!

A panel of some of Atlanta's longest and hardest working producers (Tom Luse, Linda Burns, Suzan Satterfield, William Vanderkloot, & Ken Feinberg) discuss their ever-evolving roles, how producing has changed over the years, and much more!

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Director and animator Marcus Rosentrater (Limo Ride, Archer) came on to talk about the art of collaboration, selling niche films, his underground cinema showcase Contraband Cinema, and much more!

Part 2 of our coverage from the red carpet at the Georgia Entertainment Gala. Listen to a ton of interviews with actors, producers, musicians, SFX wizards, and more!

Part 1 of our interviews at the Georgia Entertainment Gala! Hear from the actors, directors, musicians, and other members of the Atlanta film community who sat down with us during the event in this special episode.

Actor Hakim Callender (Ballers, Powers, Alvin and the Chipmunk: The Road Chip) talks about moving around the country, getting his start on Reading Rainbow, his role as career counselor at Get Scene Studios, and more!

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Jesse Malinowski & Candace VandiZandi from Get Scene Studios chat about starting the studio, why so many actors in Florida are making the trip up north, why networking is vital to every filmmaker's career, and much more!

Actor and acting coach Dan Bridges talks about his startup Nail That Role, philosophy of acting, avoiding scams that fleece actors, and much more!

Actor Brian Troxell talks about his voiceover work, performing sketch comedy with Sketchworks, getting a later start in life with his acting career, how he was picked to be the voice of the 2016 Georgia Entertainment Gala, and much more!

Emma Loggins from talks about starting up her website, how she blew up covering the The OC, alien movies, and much more!

The second act is complete! Molly explores the story so far with filmmaker Jen West and Georgia State University's Laura Jones. Plus, director Dustin Jacobs wants Molly to change direction and make a totally different film. Will he succeed?

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Vine star Aaron Chewning came on to talk about working within the format, getting recognized in public, how he plans to transfer his success to the future, and much more!