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Ryan Monolopolus and Michael Kam from new TV series 64/8 came on to tell us about the idea behind the show, working in background, and their big premiere at the Plaza Theatre on May 5th!

We were invited out to the Sundance Institute Film Forward series' stop at Wonderroot to talk to Swati Shetty and Prashant Nair from Umrika and Mimi Valdés from Dope about their films, showing at Sundance, and future plans!

The script for Kaylee Age 8 is complete! Animator Marisa Ginger Tontaveetong and Editor Drew Sawyer talk with Molly about the script and her upcoming promo shoot for a lookbook which will be a huge first test for Molly's quest to make the film.

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Charlie Fisk and Carrie Schrader, directors of the documentary The Founders, discuss the challenges of getting their subjects to open up, learning about golf, documentary writing, and their screening at the Atlanta Film Festival on April 4th!