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Actor Robert Walker-Branchaud discusses working on projects like American Horror Story, The Walking Dead, and the upcoming Deepwater Horizon,  his company Frat Pack Productions, and a bunch of great ideas for local film businesses!

The team behind the film Bloodloss talks about the film, its very successful crowdfunding campaign, 80's vampire films, and surprising sales numbers filmmakers can expect from services like Netflix!

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Linda Burns hosts a special edition of our spinoff series The Roundtable featuring the founders of the Atlanta Film Festival and the IMAGE Film & Video Center!

Ken and Heather Feinberg from Creative Studios of Atlanta discuss their filmmaking workshop trip in Italy, why they love working with kids, how Ken knows Nathan Fillion, and shooting a film with the one and only Eric Roberts!

We've heard and talked a lot about autism on the show, but now it's time to really dive deep and see what autism specialists Paran and Allen Davis have to say! Do they like the script, or should Molly go back to the drawing board?

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