Atlanta Film Chat (The Roundtable)
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Linda Burns hosts a special edition of our spinoff series The Roundtable featuring the founders of the Atlanta Film Festival and the IMAGE Film & Video Center!

A panel of some of Atlanta's longest and hardest working producers (Tom Luse, Linda Burns, Suzan Satterfield, William Vanderkloot, & Ken Feinberg) discuss their ever-evolving roles, how producing has changed over the years, and much more!

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Learn all about the world of costuming and wardrobe in the second edition of our spin-off The Roundtable featuring Lauren Driskill (Hunger Games, Goosebumps) and Dana Konick (Roanoke: Search for the Lost Colony, The Candy Shop)!

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Introducing a brand new series in the Atlanta Film Chat family! Guests April Billingsley, Keith Brooks, & Sherrie Peterson along with guest host Pamela Deritis from Call Time Atlanta discuss what it takes to be an actor in Atlanta and why they feel the trade is so important.

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