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Chuck goes over the top 5 things you should avoid as a screenwriter in the new year and new decade!

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Your first script is your baby, but don’t get stuck on it! Chuck discusses moving on in this episode of Chattin’ with Chuck.

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Feeling creative? Me neither! Here are 5 things you can do when the juices just aren’t flowing but you still wanna work.

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Do you love making excuses instead of writing? So do I! Here's how to overcome that and still make your stuff.

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You’ve finished your first draft - now what? Here are Chuck’s top things he looks for when that second draft is staring him in the face!

Your characters need conviction in their actions. No matter what they're doing, from choosing a restaurant to killing teenagers in the woods, we need to feel like they believe in what they're doing.

"Where do you get all your ideas?" Every writer has heard this before. But what are people really saying, and what can you learn from it?

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How do you actually start a story? It sounds simple but to many it absolutely is not. Here are some tips!

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Introducing the newest spinoff for Atlanta Film Chat, Chattin' with Chuck: Tips from a Mostly Failed Screenwriter! In the kickoff episode, Chuck discusses the process of outlining.