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Producer and locations expert Robin Kincade discusses her new series How To Be a Successful Production Assistant, the film industry in San Francisco, and much more!

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Mark Wofford, General Manager of rental house and sound studio company PC&E, discusses the history of the business and the importance of community!

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Agency 850 CEO Chris DeBlasio discusses how he uses branding to fund films and why it could work for your projects as well!

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Josh Wilcox, Chris Nalesnik, and Raymond Carr discuss their film Between the Walls and how genre films winning big time Academy Awards might influence future movies!

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Tay Smith and Christopher Young from BYSB Talent Agency tell us about starting the new business, their literary division, and what actors can do to get noticed by their agents!

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Janlatae Mullins & Chris Anthony Hamilton discuss their recent films Soul Fire and Something Bigger as well as working at BARK BARK!

Anissa Matlock, a.k.a. Porcelain Mutant from The Gifted, tells us about acting in the show, her love of zombies and The Goonies, and her segment in the upcoming horror anthology Dead By Midnight (11 PM Central)!

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Eric Zala of Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation fame tells us about making the remake with his friends, the Netflix doc about their lives, and why it's important for filmmakers to finish their projects!

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Kelly O'Neal from The Gilda Sue Rosenstern Computer Internet Show talks about the origins of the Youtube show, the feature film version coming up, all the horrible "talking breasts" roles women are offered in the industry, and much more!

Brandon and Errol from Supremacy Films come on to talk about their first feature film Curveball, problems they encountered shooting baseball sequences, unfair expectations audiences have of black filmmakers, and much more!

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Scott Knollin from stops by to talk about the entertainment blog's scholarship fund (check it out at as well as his experiences playing background characters in Van Wilder: Freshmen Year, Walking Dead, and Teen Wolf!

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